Managing muscle pain during workout with Tramadol medication

Muscle pain in any severity can be managed to the fullest extent with tramadol medication. In order to obtain stable and gradual relief, the course of therapy with this pain relief drug should be in a systematic manner. Depending upon the intensity of pain, the course of therapy should be individualized.

Muscle pain endured during workout/physical activity can be classified into two types

  • Acute
  • Chronic

Course of therapy with Tramadol for managing acute muscle pain during workout

For managing acute pain, the recommended dosage strength would be tramadol 50 mg. This dosage strength of the drug would be most appropriate for muscle pain endured as a result of pulled muscles, which is again categorized under the acute category of muscle pain.

Which formulation of tramadol should be taken for acute muscle pain?

Tramadol IR (Immediate Release) can be preferred for acute pain. Regardless of whether moderate or severe, this formulation works well since it offers substantial relief from pain that is lasting and powerful.

How long Tramadol 50 mg should be taken for managing acute muscle pain?

Tramadol 50 mg should most preferably be taken as long as the pain lasts in the body. At most instance, there won’t be a need of taking the pain relief drug for more than a week, as the pain sensations are controlled in a shorter period of time.

Can tramadol be taken in increased dosing frequency for obtaining instant relief from acute muscle pain?

Yes. Tramadol IR can be taken in increased dosing frequency. However, please note the maximum doses should not exceed thrice in a day. The medication is known for its potential to induce gradual relief. Pain symptoms lessen over a period of time.

Course of therapy with Tramadol for managing severe muscle pain during workout

Severe muscle pain during workout occur at instances of stiffness in joints and other disorders in joints. The best recommendation at such juncture is to opt for Tramadol SR (Sustained Formulation) medication. This formulation of the pain relief drug is mostly used for treating extremely severe pain, especially in patients who are hospitalized as a result of pain.

What would be the ideal dosage recommendation for treating sever pain with Tramadol SR?

With tramadol SR, one can opt for 100 mg and 200 mg dosage strengths. For those battling excruciating pain, any dose of the sustained release form can be administered on a round-the-clock basis. Those taking the pill in capsule/tablet formulation should take it only once in 24 hours, since it is highly effective and contains opioid properties.

Is it is wise to snort this drug for obtaining immediate relief from severe muscle pain?

The drug should not be snorted since the medicinal ingredients react rapidly in the bloodstream causing highness and other adverse effects in the body. If the pain symptoms doesn’t lessen gradually upon taking Tramadol SR, the dose can be slightly increased upon obtaining necessary consent from the physician. At any cost, do not opt to snort the pain relief pill. Likewise, do not opt to crush or break the pill in hope of experiencing fast relief from pain.