At our website we do not hold on to the norm of accumulating and consequential use of the information for various purposes. The one and only exclusion to share your information is when they are demanded by legal enforcement authorities. We will never sell information to others for commercial purposes to any organization or individual. The information provided by the customers is exclusively used for the consistent update of our databases and to enrich the experience of the customers while shopping at our website. It is our organization’s firmly held tenet to enhance the services in the interest of the customers and exceed their expectations by taking a paradigm shift in business operations and make it customer centric. We are well aware that the company has risen to greater heights partly due to the customers’ trust placed on the company. We have taken every feasible step to strongly protect the details of the patrons. At times when there is an involvement of third-party service providers we take utmost caution to protect the details of the customers. We also ensure that standards meant for privacy established by our company is completely compatible with the laws of the land.